Terms & Conditions

Thank you for giving Coopers of Surrey Ltd the opportunity to tender for your new proposed works, enclosed with this letter is your estimate as requested.  Below are our terms and conditions which are effective should you accept our services.  Please read through them and feel free contact us with any queries. 

Coopers of Surrey Responsibilities

  • We have the right to site survey for more accurate measurements should the situation arise during the project.  All initial estimating is based on drawings and spec provided and may differ from the actual build itself.

  • All client information is retained in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1988 and all personal and other client details will remain confidential.

  • Guarantees: All customers will benefit from a full guarantee on our workmanship for a period of 12 months from date of installation. Guarantees on materials run in accordance with manufacturer's warranty periods where applicable. Our guarantee covers all new work and new materials used in construction or repairs, but does not guarantee the integrity of any existing structures, materials or decorations. In the event of a failure beyond the guarantee period we will be happy to investigate the cause and negotiate a solution to the problem without delay and carry out any agreed repairs as soon as possible. Charges may apply for remedial work carried out beyond guarantee dates or to items not covered by our guarantee. Decorations are not covered by our guarantee.  Guarantee's will become void should the client not pay all outstanding balances.

  • Any projects that receive a schedule of works is for indicative purposes only. Schedules are likely to alter subject to variations within the project, should the schedule need to be altered dramatically upon the clients request there will be an administration fee of £120.00 plus vat @ the applicable rate for a new schedule.

Financial Terms

  • All projects will have a payment contract agreed prior to works commencing together with a schedule of works if applicable   Any balance due on completion of works must be paid within 7 days of final invoice unless your contract states differently.


  • Any fluctuations in cost will only arise should you desire a change in works or if there are any unforeseen circumstances.  All our costs are given in good faith and we endeavour to stand by our obligation.  Should any variations occur during the build we will do our upmost to agree cost and detail prior to commencement of works, however this may not always be possible.  If the variations amount to more than £2,000.00 including vat we will invoice accordingly and thereafter.  There may be compulsory instances when we cannot cost and agree the variation until works are complete, however these works shall be documented accordingly and costing given based on the works rendered.


  • Any variations will be subject to an additional site management fee and/or costing for hired in plant as well as other preliminaries, this will be calculated as per the percentage of the original estimate.


  • Should your project involve external works that cannot be completed due to bad weather conditions we may invoice for work completed up to date, this will supersede any retention fee if any.

Client Responsibilities

  • Client is not to liaise directly with the tradesman under any circumstances.  Should the client instruct the tradesman for additional works, Coopers of Surrey reserve the right to charge for the additional works accordingly without notification.

  • Unless discussed and agreed prior to works commencing we assume that all deliveries will have ample access to the property in order to deliver materials and plant hire, please ensure that any trees or vegetation is dealt with prior to works commencing, Coopers of Surrey Ltd will not be held responsible for any damaged caused otherwise.

  • Accepting our quotation, either verbally or in writing, and agreeing to the commencement of works will allow these terms and conditions to come into effect.


  • Should decorating be allowed for in this estimate all finishing paints for walls are to be supplied by the client.


  • Please read our estimate carefully to ensure all works are itemized, if you have any queries do not hesitate to contact us.  Any items not estimated will be additional.


  • If the client is responsible for any items or materials to be delivered to site, please ensure that any such items are ordered and delivered in good time to allow Coopers of Surrey Ltd reasonable time for installation.  Please note that Coopers of Surrey Ltd are not responsible for any faulty materials supplied by the client  Any financial loss to Coopers under these circumstances will be invoiced accordingly. 

  • By accepting our estimate, you are allowing Coopers of Surrey Ltd to place advertising of our company within your grounds in a reasonable manner, unless specified otherwise.  Also permitting us to take photos of the works for advertising purposes, all sensitive information will be excluded.  Should you reject Coopers taking photo's of the works carried out under our contract we hold the right to invoice for 1% plus vat of the contract.

  • Once all works are complete please ensure that snags lists if any are provided to Coopers of Surrey Ltd in writing within two weeks from date of final invoice.  Any snagging thereafter will be dismissed.


  • Items such as keys or parking permits are to be supplied by the client prior to works commencing if applicable, should Coopers of Surrey Ltd need to obtain these items we shall seek re-imbursement accordingly.


  • It is the responsibility of the client to make any adjoining neighbours aware of works they feel may affect any neighbouring properties.


  • Should you “The client” purchase any materials and require our advice and expertise to ensure you purchase the correct product, administration fee’s may be applicable this will be based on an hourly rate of £60 + VAT.

  • The client must contact the office via email with any proposed changes within the project, failure to do so may result in additional charges for any additional works without prior notification.

  • Any incidents on site including damages or misconducts as a direct result of Coopers of Surrey need to be reported to us within a reasonable time of 24hrs after the incident.  Please do so via email or contact our office on 01932 336673.  Any late reports of incidents will be dismissed and Coopers of Surrey shall not be held responsible.

  • It is the homeowners responsibility to provide information such as asbestos traces or contamination to Coopers of Surrey Ltd prior to any works commencing, failure to do so may affect the contract conditions.

Health & Safety

  • Please refrain from putting personal items within the work area, any personal items placed within the working area are left at your own risk, Coopers of Surrey Ltd are not responsible for any loss or damages.


  • As part of our Health and Safety policy it is mandatory that during the contract unauthorized persons should not be present within the working area at any time unless accompanied by a member of staff.  Coopers of Surrey Ltd will not be held responsible for any injury or accident caused.


  • Any medical conditions must be made aware to Coopers of Surrey Ltd prior to any works commencing.​


General Overview


  • All electrical works will meet with BS7671 wiring regulations.  Should you require a new consumer board under electrical regulations there will be an additional cost for this. Warranty information with regards to electrical works will be supplied with a certificate upon completion of works and balance paid.


  • All gas works will comply with Gas Safety regulations and will be certified accordingly upon completion of works and balance paid.


  • When dealing with any external works all measures are taken to ensure we protect the surrounding landscaping, however we cannot be responsible for items such as grass dying.  We are more than happy to rectify any landscaping once works and costs are agreed and confirmed.


  • All building and other materials provided by Coopers of Surrey Ltd or their sub-contractors remain the property of Coopers of Surrey Ltd unless stated otherwise or paid for directly by the client.


  • Any materials stripped out from the project are deemed as property of Coopers of Surrey Ltd and shall be disposed of accordingly and /or are calculated within the contract estimate.


  • Should your project involve any steelworks it is likely that there will be a time delay whilst steels are being fabricated & delivered.  This is to ensure that the exact dimensions of the steels are correct as we only take final measurements of steels once all preparation works are done.


  • No responsibility is taken by ourselves for the presence of perished or rotten timber (or any other perished or rotten materials) in existing structures such as doors, walls, windows and frames whether detected or undetected at the time of contract.


  • All estimates that include tiling allow for installing standard tiles only.  Should you wish for us to install mosaic, natural stone, complex designs or sealing of the tiles there will be a variation on cost that we will agree with you prior to installation.


  • Coopers of Surrey Ltd will be deemed the main contractor on site, and are obliged to charge a 5% fee for any third-party contractors who will be working on site during Coopers of Surrey Ltd contract time.  We will not be held responsible for any action from a third-party contractor, they will be expected to show proof of their insurances beforehand. Each individual contractor takes full responsibility for their own third-party liability. The main contractor will oversee all works to completion and takes full general and operational responsibility in the running of any contract agreed with the client.


  • Any variations may be subject to an extension of time if applicable and may be re-booked according to the complexity and size of the works.  Larger scale variations may be subject to being re-booked at our earliest availability.


  • In some cases, existing boilers or fuse-boards may become defective during works simply from being old, Coopers of Surrey Ltd are not responsible should this be the case, however if any existing items such as boilers and fuse-boards do become defective because of action from Coopers of Surrey Ltd then we will rectify accordingly.


  • If the work requires skips please ensure you notify us if you believe your driveway is not sufficient to take the weight of the skips, Coopers of Surrey Ltd are not responsible for any damaged caused to the driveways as we take all necessary precautions prior to any deliveries.


  • Coopers of Surrey do not take responsibility for any natural settlement of the build i.e. cracks, or shrinkage.  We are happy to discuss any remedial work and cost involved but would advise the build fully settles before commencing with the remedial works.


  • This estimate is valid for 60 days, should you accept our estimate within the 60 days we will hold our costing for when the project commences for a period of up to 6 months only.

  • Any items sold by Coopers on behalf of the client may be subject to a handling charge of 10% of the value of the goods.

  • Specialist cleaning services & Mastic work is allowed for one visit only, additional visits may be subject to additional cost.​

  • All items listed on the estimate form a binding contract between us and the client, should the client wish to deduct any items after commencement of the contract, a fee of 10% of the value of the item will be payable to Coopers of Surrey.

  • Should your estimate allow for a “builders clean” or “specialist clean” these are allowed for one visit at the end of the project, should you request multiple visits this will be additional to the estimate.